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By Evangeline Gersich | Business

Jun 15

First off, I’m not one for using tools such as Calendly, Acuity Scheduling, 10to8, Checkfront,, vita, Appointy, Setmore, Pulse 24/7, MyTime, Ovatu Manager, AppointmentCare, HouseCall Pro, Bookeo, Flash Appointments.

However, I’m giving it another go after running into from a Facebook group post. At the time of writing this post, founders Bob Senoff, Sujan Patel, Scott Balentine, Ryan Mindigo decided to run a lifetime deal. When you enter a promo code, you get for $1 for a lifetime.

“What the heck!”, I said to myself. Maybe has a unique offering in this crowded marketplace.

They say that their app will reduce the back and forth.

Not sure how true this is, especially for someone like me. I don’t keep my Google Calendar up-to-date with my available time. That’s because I rarely know my availability till sometimes the evening before.

I’m all for tools that help manage, streamline, and provide shortcuts.

I’d be interested in knowing how their SaaS product will help. It would be great if scheduling apps just knew your availability, instead of having to tell it.

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