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Apr 04

Appsumo Million Dollar Playbook [Case Study]

By Evangeline Gersich | Marketing

This 70-page playbook from Appsumo is super jam packed with strategies and tips that you can implement on your business.

This marketing strategy is in PDF format and contains:

  • 10 Tips
  • Lots of images to walk you through the tips
  • Behind-the-scenes videos
  • Downloadable spreadsheets

Here are 3 of the 10 tips that are immediately relevant to my projects:

  1. Copywriting Formula for every Appsumo product promotion. This generates them over $250,000 in sales each.
  2. The 12-Week Email Challenge that’s guaranteed to increase revenue. I checked out the list, and it’s solid!
  3. Appsumo’s “Thumb-Stop” Hack that generated sales 29:1 from Facebook Ads

This report is available for a limited time here.

If you haven’t heard of Appsumo…

Appsumo is part of the Sumo family, which also have BriefcaseHQ and Kingsumo.

Sumo is a tool that I absolutely recommend for everyone that has a website and wants to capture leads from their traffic. You can use it for free here.

BriefcaseHQ is like the best of Appsumo at one affordable monthly price. Instead of buying software a la carte at Appsumo, you can subscribe to BriefcaseHQ to access a lot of the software that are introduced in Appsumo. The only caviate is that once you stop your subscription, you lose your access to the software.

Kingsumo is a giveaway software and is great for using it to build your email list. Check out the case study on “How I Used Viral Giveaways and KingSumo to Triple My Email List“.

Appsumo, in their own words, “Is the go-to eCommerce website for entrepreneurs to get lifetime deals on their favorite software”.

If you’re not in their email list to get notified of current and upcoming deals, I suggest you sign up here for free.

Apr 03

The MVP Marketing Plan In 5 Simple Steps

By Evangeline Gersich | Marketing

The Potential Of Your Marketing Plan

Here’s the deal. When you decide you want to build an online presence for either your company or your personal brand, it sounds like an exciting idea at first. You sell all of the possibilities, potential, and opportunities. You imagine fans coming to your site by the truck droves. You see yourself engaging with your raving fans and you see them transacting with you.

Then reality sets in and you realize that in order materialize your dream, you first need…

  • A website
  • A way to capture leads
  • Traffic
  • Something to sell them that they will want to buy

Then your next wave of reality hits. You figure out the hard way that…

  • It takes time
  • It takes skill
  • It takes resources

… to build a good-looking website that people will want to spend time on.

It takes time to build content.

It takes effort to get in front of your audience, develop a relationship where they trust you and like you enough to buy from you.

It takes effort to come up with a product or service that they will buy and benefit from.

The bottom line is that it’s high risk to start a new business. There are a lot of unknowns. Lots to research, test, and build out and finally bring to market. It takes time, energy, effort, resources make something of value that people will want.

However, if you still want to go down this route, here are some tips that will save you time and hassle in the very beginning stages of building your online presence.

Step 1: Plan your MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

You need a website. That’s the bottom line. It’s an asset that you own and control. It’s your virtual storefront where people can come to your website and learn about you, give you their information so you can follow up with an email or phone call, and eventually buy from you.

The simplest way to get a website is to go to and create an account. Set up your website pages. Then point your domain to your website. Easy peasy. If you ever want to move your website to a different hosting platform, you can export your content and import it to your new host.

The upsides are clear. It’s fast and easy to set up. You can quickly get down to business and focus on building our your lead generation path. After that’s setup, you can then focus on getting an audience and sending them to your lead gen offer.

The downside is that you are limited in tools and customizations compared to hosting the website on your own server. Depending on your time, skill and budget constraints, you will know which solution is best for you right out of the gate.

If you decide to go the self-hosted option, I recommend this tech stack:

  • Register your domain with Godaddy – I’ve been using Godaddy for over a decade!
  • Get a hosting account with SiteGround – I have the GoGeek level.
  • Install WordPress through the cPanel interface
  • Secure your site with an SSL certificate
  • Get a drag and drop theme builder like Elegant Theme’s Divi Builder. is built on the Divi theme

You don’t need a full blown website. You just need a few pages to start for when the first few visitors come to your site. Here are the absolute minimum pages you will need for your website:

  • Home page
  • Blog page
  • First blog post
  • Contact page
  • Privacy page
  • TOS (terms of service) page

Step 2: Create a lead generation funnel

Here’s the tech stack for the lead gen funnel, through which you will start to build your email list:

  • – they have a free tier that is perfect for just starting out
  • You can use Sumo’s built-in email service until you reach 200 subscribers.
  • Then, I recommend going with ConvertKit. Their email marketing system is robust and yet easy for the layman to use. It’s my personal favorite.

The setup can be as bare minimum as a Smart Bar that sticks to the top of your web pages, asking for people to join your list.

If you don’t have anything to offer in exchange for their email address, you can simply ask them to join your email newsletter so that you can contact them when you have news and new content you want to share with them.

Step 3: Generate traffic

If you have customers from your offline business, you can ask them if they want to join your email list.

If you are starting from scratch, then you’ll have to do some hustling to build your list. It gets easier once you get the ball rolling.

The lowest barrier to entry when it comes to building your email list from scratch is to do it organically and through social media.

Identify the places where your audience are hanging out online, then join those communities. Think of this as a long term strategy. You don’t want to appear rushed and “fly-by-night”. People want to know that you are the real deal. You do this with frequency and consistency.

It is at this junction where you will need a content plan. I recommend starting with content curation. Simply post a piece of curated content once a week. Then you can share this blog post to the people in the online communities you belong to.

By sharing your new posts to your communities, you become keenly aware of what content they will find useful. It’s a great way to get initial feedback on topics and perspectives. You’ll learn about your audience, what makes them tick, what makes them excited.

That’s all for now. I know that the instructions above are overwhelming if you are starting completely from the ground level.

If you’re at the stage where you’re feeling a little anxious, a little lost about getting started, then join my email list. We can take the conversation to a more personal level and set you off on the right path, the straightest path possible.

Step 4: Your Turn!

Now, it’s your turn to go an implement. If you are unsure of any of the steps, here are your options:

  • Go the Do-It-Yourself route and research each step
  • Ask a friend to help you
  • Hire someone

No matter which option you choose above, you can join my email list to get additional help. I can suggest certain directions for you based on your situation.

Step 5: Coming Soon – The MVP Website Launch Checklist

I’m working on this checklist as I am writing this. I’m making the final edits now and will make it available to folks who subscribe to my list. If you’re interested, be sure to join my newsletter.

Apr 03

I Will Teach You Everything I Know About Digital Marketing

By Evangeline Gersich | Marketing

This is the first official blog post on this website. Having been actively doing digital marketing for over a decade, I want to give back to the community.

There’s a lot I have experienced over the years… both the wins and the losses. They’ve taught me about riding trends, persevering through the dips, embracing inevitable change, and transforming myself professionally and personally.

I’ve met a lot of people who were new to the internet marketing space. It’s a constantly revolving door. And each time that door brings in new people, it seems the ecosystem is just a little bit different for them than for the previous newcomers.

The environment moves quickly.

New companies and ideas and trends pop up.

Unless you are already accustomed to running at this fast pace, you’ll feel you are falling behind.

That’s where I step in. With this website, I hope to help folks that are coming into the space find their footing. And find their place in this competitive landscape.

Competition is good. It’s an indication of healthy adoption by businesses and consumers.

  • Whether you are an established business that’s still in the beginning stages of establishing a first online presence…
  • Or you are a new entrepreneur that has passion to share their ideas with the online community…
  • Or you are not so new to the space and are looking to connect with people and businesses that foster sound digital marketing advice and thought leadership…

Then you are at the right place.

Like it says in the title of this post, I will teach you everything I know about digital marketing.

I do this every day, 7 days a week, often times more than 8 hours in a day. Yes, I’m a bit of an eccentric when it comes to online marketing.

This is where you will benefit from my enthusiasm.

I will teach you how to build an online business from the ground up. You’ll learn exactly what you need to know in a clear cut, no fluff, no b.s. way.

And if you join my email list, we can tap into each other’s experiences, hold discussions, and exchange feedback.